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Sleeping Beauties - 140 pages of total hotel eye candy

Our latest edition of The Aficionados is OUT NOW. Discover our hotel collection founded on design, luxury, style and soul - through the touch of print.

We could not resist publishing this tight travel edit, a style piece packed full of 140-pages of hotel eye candy and travel inspo. Just for you to pack your bags with.

A clever directory of our complete collection, this is The Aficionados - Sleeping Beauties Edition.

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You can of course pick one up yourself at any one of our boutique hotels, or enjoy the luxury of having one delivered straight to your door.

Inside The Magazine

Rather than listing everything in alphabetical order, we have created little clusters of genres that help you to navigate our member hotels with ease: by style, vibe you want to discover, or those places that just share a passion with you – flick through the magazine to find your kinda holiday.

Style is a core passion for us and so we wanted to share our style atlas of hotels by highlighting what drew us to each particular hotel, instead of the one around the corner, or in the adjacent valley. You have our cues for style, edited by us, noted in our voice, and from personal experience.

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