White Line Hotels - Winter view of the Dolomites, South Tyrol Italy

Hotels that have natural design

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White Line Hotels - Design hotel interior The Greenwich New York
White Line Hotels - Design Hotel in the wilderness, Juvet Hotel, Norway

Moments of magic created by local heroes

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White Line Hotels - Mediterranean Hotels, Sunset Santorini, Aenaon Villas, Caldera View Sun set
White Line Hotels - Creative hotel interiors, Scotland, Killiehuntly, Farrow & Ball blue

The simplicity of luxury

White Line Hotels - Luxury Hotel in Switzerland, Pool, Alps, Park Hotel Vitznau
White Line Hotels - wilderness and nature hotels


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White Line Hotels - Travel to Scotland, wilderness, nature pure
White Line Hotels Tuscany

Sun-kissed crash-pads of coolness

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White Line Hotels - Luxury sun kissed pads of cool, South of France sunset
White Line Hotels - Boutique Hotels with creative style, Puglia, Italy

An invitation to the dreamers and the wanderers

white line hotels
White Line Hotels - Boutique Hotels in Tuscany, Italy for dreamers and wanderers
White Line Hotels - Alpine Boutique Hotels, wooden interiors, chalets

Crafted in every detail

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White Line Hotels - Crafted Hotel where details, heritage and source matter, linen beds
White Line Hotels - Alpine hotels, view of Matterhorn, Zermatt, Mountains, Alps, sunset

Lost in Mother Nature

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White Line Hotels - Cool designer hotels lost in Mother Nature, hidden, escapes, travel
White Line Hotels - Stylish hotel with design detailing, luxury elements, Scotland
White Line Hotels - creative boutique hotels, drama, bedroom, stillage, romantic
White Line Hotels - Alpine Boutique Hotels, style, design, hotel interiors
White Line Hotels - Boutique Hotel Interior style, handmade designer chair, Brücke 49, Vals
White Line Hotels - playful foodies, flowers, herbs, natural, table decor
White Line Hotels - luxury boutique hotels, Ett Hem Stockholm, Sweden, interior design, style

Welcome to White Line Hotels® - a tightly edited collection of boutique hotels, style retreats & design hubs that creatively flirt with crafted luxury & chilled lifestyle. If you love interiors, style and soul then this collection is for you - browse through our Travel Edits, look by Genre or go straight to your preferred travel destination. All handpicked, so they, like us, are special, and are just pleasingly, Here, There & Not Everywhere.

Welcome to White Line Hotels® - a tightly edited collection of boutique hotels, style retreats & design hubs that creatively flirt with crafted luxury & chilled lifestyle. If you love interiors, style and soul then this collection is for you.


The Alpinists

Get clued up on our natural ALPINE TRAVEL EDIT - cool dens of mountain living with heart, this is the Alps.

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The Dolomite Mountains in South Tyrol - Travel in the Alps, White Line Hotels

Unwaxed Lemons

Crash pads that capture the essence of the Mediterranean. Small, luxuriously-crafted retreats that are built and run on local passion.

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Mediterranean escapes, gardens, landscape, sun, sea, holiday, luxury, White Line Hotels

Salt & Turf

Bijou refuges crafted deep in the countryside or clinging to the wild coastline, these hideaways bring style to the gems of nature.

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Countryside, romantic photo of panoramic landscapes, nature, holidays, escape, travel

The Luxurians

A smooth genre of luxury hotels that bring an urban touch and neu lux together: Old-school quality with a relaxed contemporary feel.

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Luxury Hotel interiors, luxurian lifestyle, red velvet seating designed by Jacques Garcia in Paris

The Culture Kids

Dens of creativity, art and playfulness, each of these hotels plays host to countless cultural events, where boho meets highbrow.

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Creative hotel guest book with drawing about a stay, culture travel and art, little details


We at White Line Hotels® get excited about finding interesting places to stay that share our passion for style, creativity, design and aesthetic. We also like to partner with artisans that craft products that fit us like a glove.

So here we have pulled together an edit of our favourite collaborators. This is another way to navigate our favourite hotels and travel edits, meet lovely people and read up on cool products we simply think you would also like.



Imagine a design trade show where you can meet the designers in person and buy their products on the spot. Better yet, imagine a design tradeshow that takes place at a carefully selected central location that reflects the design culture of the city, far from soulless trade halls.

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Majestic reindeer in the Norwegian forest of Valdres

The Last Wild Reindeers in Norway

Revered for its sublime beauty and ethereal landscapes, Norway is graced with natural phenomena and vistas so stunning that they could easily belong within the pages of a fairy tale.

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La Sagrada Familia Gaudí interior in Barcelona

Gaudí From Your Window

A trendsetter and a local institution, Hotel Omm is found on the most prestigious street in Barcelona, Passeig de Garcia. Stylish and expensive, it is Barcelona’s equivalent of New York’s Fifth Avenue, not least because it has two of Gaudí’s most famous architectural triumphs a mere stones throw away.

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Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Park Hotel Vitznau

The imposing turreted façade of this lakeside Alpine aristocrat suggests a Grand Dame Hotel. The interiors, however, favour an altogether more dapper marriage of classicism and design brevity. A lux spa and health sanctuary, the Park Hotel is also firmly on the gourmand’s agenda with Michelin-star restaurants and arguably one of the world’s finest wine cellars. Taste, style and redefined luxury boxed neatly lakeside.

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Salzburg Jazz Festival

Jazz beats in the city of Salzburg

Alight in Austria’s historic city of Salzburg this October and have all your senses treated to a metaphorical massage as your ears, eyes and heart are stretched, warmed and made anew. October 19th – 23rd sees the return of Salzburg’s annual ‘Jazz and the City’ festival, otherwise known as the ‘coolest jazz festival in Austria’.

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Grand Banks at Pier 25 New York, the Sherman Zwicker restaurant boat

Grand Banks offers a taste of NYC history - with a portside view

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Freitag Lab.

Back in 1993, Markus and Daniel Freitag were on the lookout for a messenger bag. Zurich citizens worthy of the name travel by bicycle - 'velo,' they call it. When it rains, they get wet. The Freitag brothers wanted a heavy-duty, functional and water-repellent bag to carry their designs.

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Zermatt, Valais

Cervo Mountain Boutique Resort

The designer cool cat of the Alps, this appealingly smart modern lodge opts for a stylish clubhouse vibe alongside re-worked rustic elements. This is all about the luxury of the Alps – traditions and respect, bubbling with fun. A fashionable hideaway with trendsetting, popular eateries, all tucked away close to the Matterhorn.

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Highlands, Scotland

Killiehuntly Farmhouse

A tiny weathered Scottish farmhouse plays host to Scandinavian contemporary design and Scottish crafted pieces from the highlands - an irresistible combo of old and new, heritage meets the design, affectionately known as the Scandi-Scot. This is where wild hearty Scotland meets the smooth Nordic around the crackling fireplace.

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Mallorca, Spain

SON BRULL Hotel & Spa

A monastic designer den of rural appeal set in a 30-hectare estate, this stylish recluse has clubhouse flair, a sleek modernist touch and loads of sun-kissed sophistication. Altogether, a chilled off-radar adaption of indulgent luxury.

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