WHITE LINE HOTELS® is a neat travel edit of private hotels and places to stay that have a warm familiar soul to them, textured places created over time, some hidden gems, others icons in the world of travel.

We only feature one such place in each destination, the places that have a natural creative edge, family owned & operated dens of individuality, where charisma and a sense of belonging ooze throughout the fabric of the building.

No two places are the same, and that's exactly what we love and respect.

The company, founded by passionate hotelier & marketer, Iain Ainsworth, fosters strong relationships with each of the hotel owners, and only takes the places that really awaken a passion to simply want to go there.

"There are so many bland and overly designed hotels out there, I wanted to pull together an edit of places that mirrored the spirit of my favorite Deli, whereby everything in the shop has a sense of belonging yet each shelf filled with unique crafted produce".

We use the White Line to highlight those places for savvy people who look beyond the big labels and bring back the sense of discovery as indeed the feeling of finding a long lost friend.

White Line Hotels® currently features some 50+ hotels, guesthouses and creative dens including some fab Alpine Ski Hotel and Mediterranean Retreats.