England is a cultural cauldron of nationalities, a rich history, past invaders, a former Imperial power and has perhaps been one of the world’s greatest influencers in diverse matters ranging from law and music culture to fashion and innovations. 

England is also home to many of the sports; rugby, football, badminton, snooker and even those complicated games that no-one except the English really understands, like cricket & rugby. Sport is a serious pastime of the English, next to their love of the pub and that undeniably black sense of humour that only the Brits can do well.

History and heritage peek through at every opportunity and are especially to be seen in the museums, a treasure trove of worldly travels and conquests. Palaces, the monarchy, Constable's painterly countryside and an ever-changing coastline make England an affectionate friend to visit – and despite Brexit, it remains as loveable and welcoming as ever. The English say "sorry" even if it is not their fault and form an orderly queue at every opportunity, although they never "stand in line". Food is also now firmly on the agenda and some say that London is now overtaking New York & Paris on this front – it has come a long way from the humble yet delicious national dish of Fish ‘n Chips. The English love England, the Brits do British and the UK well that's a whole other tale, and we can't forget the Great in Great Britain; you are soo Cool Britannia.