Upper Engadin in Grisons, South Eastern Switzerland, is the cultural sister to glitzy St Moritz and has long been the preferred destination of writers, artists, thinkers and musicians.

A testament to this particular clientele, this is the quieter side of the mountains. Engadin is famed for its particular architecture and "graffiti" etched onto the walls of the houses - and is so peacefully selcuded it even preserves its own Romansh language. From Upper Engadin you can easily reach some of Switzerland’s best glacial lakes and you also have access to the famous Glacial Express networks.

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Engadin, Grisons

Villa Flor

Unapologetically vivid, this preferred pad of intellect and creativity is awash in Art Nouveau flamboyance tamed with clever 1950’s-inspired design interventions. A stylishly cool home of the arts, brushed with boldness.

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Feuerstein Essentials

The range has a noble refined touch, again designed in-house, which cleverly includes skin care products through to spa treatments and not forgetting the unmistakable, almost holistic, scents.

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Style Edits – Cool Alpine Hotel interiors of contemporary style

This is all about the mix of traditional Alpine style, synonymous with mountainous living and the contemporary hand of private hoteliers. We pulled together a cool style edit of those places that take the traditional dipped into urban sleekness adding a dash of modernity.

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WILL YOU MARRY ME – 5 best places where you should pop the question

The “We’re getting married” is quickly followed by let’s see the ring and a how & where did he or she pop the question.So with whoever you want to tie the knot, you need to ensure that the old romantic in you is out to play and impress when you declare your love and perhaps the local pub is not the picture perfect spot to get down on one knee.

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(Y)our Top 10 Dinky Luxe Hotels

Our top 10 small boutique hotels brimming with design, luxury, character, and distilled with local charm - this is beyond B&B, this is Dinky Luxe.

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