The BURSA Gallery – Kyiv, Ukraine

The BURSA gallery is a multidisciplinary project dedicated to the organization and development of initiatives in the field of modern culture and art.

The goal of the project is to become a meeting point for the new emerging generation of the Ukrainian artists and the modern spectator. A new exhibition is organized every three months under a guidance of a new curator. It is an educational space; the gallery hosts lectures, workshops, film screenings and other cultural activities.

The BURSA gallery is a fully nonprofit project of the upcoming BURSA Hotel in Podil, historic part of Kyiv.



Video credits:
Vitalik Melnikov, Kristina Podobed, Masha Reva, Lera Polyanskova, Maksim Robotov, Ivan Svitlychnyi, Viktoria Sklyarskaya, Liza Yarynovskaya, music mix by Sophie Schnell, PYUR

Manuel de Falla - Asturiana (performed by Jose Carreras, 1981)
Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer – Retikhiy
Norwell & S Olbricht - Perper (M. Buckley Remix)
Richard Crandell - Oregon Rain
Bervy - Ukrfolk 2001

Produced by Vasily Grogol
Styling: Liza Yarynovskaya
Graphic elements: Yuriy Stepantsev
Video by DIVIDI: Sasha Kulak, Anna Kornienko
thanks to Olga Babych, Vlad Fishez, Anna Iegovskaya

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